Lover, Samuel (M)

b. 24 February 1797. d. 6 July 1868. Nationality: Irish. VIAF.
Painter, illustrator, songwriter, poet, and author. Born in Dublin. Moved to London in 1814. Published and illustrated stories in the *Dublin Penny Journal*, the *Dublin Literary Gazette*, the *Irish Penny Magazine*, and the *Dublin University Magazine* (which he founded with Charles Lever, George Petrie, and William Carleton). Associated with the founding of *Bentley’s Miscellany* with Dickens (contributed to the periodical’s design). Biographical information: *ODNB*.

Poems associated with this person

Total poems: 15
Poem title Date Periodical Roles id #
The Bridal of Galtrim 1860-01-21 Once a Week Poet 254
I’ll Never Forget That, Ma’am! 1860-02-18 Once a Week Poet 259
The Maiden Masque 1861-02-23 Once a Week Poet 434
The Poet’s Home 1862-11-01 Once a Week Poet 926
Something Worth Having 1863-01-31 Once a Week Poet 459
Paddy O’Rafther 1863-05-09 Once a Week Poet 483
The Call in Vain 1864-07-23 All the Year Round Poet 3175
Written in the Sand 1865-01-07 All the Year Round Poet 3185
A Wish and a Warning 1865-06-17 All the Year Round Poet 3194
A Romantic Existence 1865-07-15 All the Year Round Poet 3195
No Followers 1865-10-14 All the Year Round Poet 3198
A Blush. “The Eloquent Blood” 1866-03-31 All the Year Round Poet 3211
A Contented Proprietor 1867-01-12 All the Year Round Poet 3274
The Irish Mule-Driver 1867-01-26 Once a Week Poet 12080
St. Patrick’s Day 1867-03-16 Once a Week Poet 12127