Massey, Gerald (M)

b. 29 May 1828. d. 29 October 1907. Nationality: English. VIAF.
Working-class poet, Chartist, and lecturer. His first volume of work, *Poems and Chansons* was published in 1848; later that year he joined the Chartist movement. Contributed to *All the Year Round*, *Chambers’s Journal*, and *The Athenaeum*. Travelled to the USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand where he gave lectures on poetry, art, and religion. From 1881-1907 he researched and published several books on Ancient Egypt. Biographical information: *ODNB*. (CC)

Poems associated with this person

Total poems: 43
Poem title Date Periodical Roles id #
My Maid Marian 1860-03-24 All the Year Round Poet 2729
Robert Blake, General-at-Sea 1860-05-05 All the Year Round Poet 2736
The Norseman 1860-05-19 All the Year Round Poet 2812
Nelson. An Old Man-O’-War’s-Man’s Yarn 1860-06-16 All the Year Round Poet 2816
The Legend of Little Pearl 1860-08-18 All the Year Round Poet 2822
Old King Hake 1860-08-25 All the Year Round Poet 2824
A Letter in Black 1860-09-01 All the Year Round Poet 2825
Garibaldi 1860-10 Good Words Poet 356
Poor Margaret 1860-11-03 All the Year Round Poet 2831
Pictures in the Fire 1862-04 Good Words Poet 402
Albert’s Tomb 1862-08 Good Words Poet 411
Garibaldi 1862-10 Good Words Poet 416
Popular Epithalamium on the Marriage of the Prince of Wales 1863-02 Good Words Poet 1572
Cousin Winnie 1863-04 Good Words Poet 1576
The Sunken City 1863-05-23 All the Year Round Poet 3065
A Missionary Cheer 1863-08 Good Words Poet 12354
How it Seems 1863-08 Good Words Poet 12352
In the Night 1863-08 Good Words Poet 12353
The Two Heavens 1863-08 Good Words Poet 12350
The Narrow Lot 1863-08 Good Words Poet 1587
Springtide 1863-08 Good Words Poet 12351
My Neighbour 1863-09-19 All the Year Round Poet 3075
Old Friends 1863-09-26 All the Year Round Poet 3076
Verses Written by a Working-Man for his Children 1863-12 Good Words Poet 1598
An Orphan Family’s Christmas 1863-12 Good Words Poet 1596
Grandmother’s Snuff 1864 Good Words Poet 1613
William Makepeace Thackeray 1864 Good Words Poet 1607
In Affectionate Remembrance of John William Spencer, Earl of Brownlow 1867-06-01 Good Words Poet 1863
Penseés 1868-08-01 Good Words Poet 1910
Lieutenant Prideaux 1868-10-01 Good Words Poet 1915
Serenade 1869-09-01 Good Words Poet 12356
Wedded Love 1869-09-01 Good Words Poet 1996
The Wedding 1869-09-01 Good Words Poet 12355
Arguing in a Circle 1869-10-01 Good Words Poet 1997
A Wayside Whisper 1869-10-01 Good Words Poet 12362
Evoë 1869-10-01 Good Words Poet 12360
Leave-Taking 1869-10-01 Good Words Poet 12357
As They Passed 1869-10-01 Good Words Poet 12358
A Fact that Flowers Double 1869-10-01 Good Words Poet 12361
The Bonny Brideland Flower 1869-10-01 Good Words Poet 12364
The Welcome Home 1869-10-01 Good Words Poet 12363
Hymn of the Present 1870-12-01 Good Words Poet 2101
Loose Leaves 1872 Good Words Poet 2152