Davenant, William, Sir (M)

b. 1606. d. 1668. Nationality: English.
Poet, playwright, and theatre manager. Baptized on 3 March 1606. Married three times, Mary c. 1623-1624, Anne Cademan in October 1652, and Henrietta Maria du Tremblay c. August 1655. Began to write plays in 1627 which were performed by the King’s Men. Author of several plays for Queen Henrietta Maria which were performed in the royal court during the 1630s. Continued to serve the royal couple during the beginning of the Civil War and stayed with the exiled court in France. Knighted in 1643. Attempted to sail to the United States, but was imprisoned for treason (1650-1652). Experimented with a theatre business during the Commonwealth. Co-founded the King’s Company (1660). Opened the Duke’s Playhouse and became the theatre manager (1661). Responsible for re-introducing Shakespeare to the theatre during the Restoration while continuing to write his own plays. Collaborated with John Dryden. Friends with Thomas Carew. Biographical information: *ODNB*. (CC)

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Poem title Date Periodical Roles id #
Jealousy 1854-09-23 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal Poet 6251