Thornbury, George Walter (M)

b. 13 November 1828. d. 11 June 1876. Nationality: English. VIAF.
Poet, journalist, art critic, novelist, and biographer of J. M. W. Turner. Pseudonyms: “T. W.”, “W. T.”, and “X. X.” Alternate signature: “W. Thornbury.” Born in London. Educated at Cheam, Surrey. Married Harriett Furmedge on 7 October 1873. Prolific poetry and prose contributor to many periodicals and newspapers, including *Bentley’s Miscellany*, *Ainsworth’s*, *Once a Week*, *Household Words*, *All the Year Round*, *Athenaeum*, and *Chambers’s Journal*. Poetry volumes include *Songs of the Cavaliers and Roundheads* (1857) and *Historical and Legendary Ballads and Songs* (1875). Biographical information: *ODNB*, BL. (SMM, DD, AC)

Poems associated with this person

Total poems: 131
Poem title Date Periodical Roles id #
The Palace Fountain 1860-03-10 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal Poet 6562
In Clover. June 1860-03-24 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal Poet 6549
The Bird-Boy 1860-04-07 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal Poet 6545
Lying in Stone 1860-05-05 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal Poet 6571
The Old English Manor-House 1860-06-02 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal Poet 6560
Birds’ Nests 1860-06-30 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal Poet 6546
The Blackbird’s Song 1860-07-21 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal Poet 6732
The Country Church 1860-08-04 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal Poet 6735
The Mower’s Song 1860-09-01 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal Poet 6774
The Swans of Wilton 1860-10-06 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal Poet 6780
The Cherry-Time 1861-03-02 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal Poet 6580
Swift and the Mohawks 1861-03-16 Once a Week Poet 436
The Jester’s Passing Bell. A legend of the reign of Francis the First: during whose reign the “Black Death”—an infectious species of plague—ravaged both England and France 1861-04-20 Once a Week Poet 442
Our Village at Daybreak 1861-05-04 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal Poet 6590
The Two Norse Kings. A Yorkshire Legend 1861-05-11 Once a Week Poet 546
The Old Statue 1861-06-08 All the Year Round Poet 2859
The Cavalier’s Escape 1861-06-15 Once a Week Poet 451
Lady Mabel’s Lovers 1861-07-13 All the Year Round Poet 2863
The Father of the Regiment. (An Old Grenadier’s Story of an Episode in the Retreat of Napoleon’s “Grande Armée” from Moscow) 1861-07-13 Once a Week Poet 835
The Children’s Time-Piece 1861-07-27 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal Poet 6601
The Passing Cloud 1861-08-17 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal Poet 6604
How Lady Blanche Arundel Held Wardour for King Charles 1861-10-26 All the Year Round Poet 2880
The Three Statues of Ægina 1861-10-26 Once a Week Poet 856
Twilight 1861-11-02 Once a Week Poet 858
Slander 1861-11-16 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal Poet 6617
The Lady Witch 1861-12-14 All the Year Round Poet 2885
Dr. Johnson’s Penance 1861-12-28 Once a Week Poet 868
The Mine Spirit 1862-01-04 All the Year Round Poet 2886
The Wood Echo. A Greek Legend 1862-01-11 Once a Week Poet 873
The King at the Gate 1862-03-15 Once a Week Poet 886
The Dead Bride 1862-04-19 Once a Week Poet 894
The April Hours 1862-05-03 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal Poet 6645
The Chase of the Siren. A Doric Legend 1862-05-31 Once a Week Poet 898
A June Morning 1862-06-01 The English Woman’s Journal Poet 1677
Tædium Vitæ 1862-06-01 The English Woman’s Journal Poet 1678
The Angler’s Song 1862-06-14 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal Poet 6651
Honeymoon Cottage 1862-06-28 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal Poet 6653
A Day-Dream on the Rhine 1862-06-28 Once a Week Poet 903
Castle Clare 1862-07-12 All the Year Round Poet 2901
Chivalry 1862-08-09 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal Poet 6659
Sitting in the Sun 1862-08-16 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal Poet 6660
The Morning Before the Massacre of St. Bartholomew. August, 1572 1862-08-16 Once a Week Poet 913
The Death of King Warwolf. A Norse Legend 1862-08-30 Once a Week Poet 916
Two Autumn Pictures 1862-10-04 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal Poet 6667
The Boy Martyr. (Nero Imperator) 1862-11-22 Once a Week Poet 930
The Three Electors. (A Favourite Anecdote of Luther’s) 1862-11-29 Once a Week Poet 932
Hammermen of Old 1862-12-06 All the Year Round Poet 2908
The Saturnalia 1863-01-31 Once a Week Poet 460
The Death of Winkelreid (Battle of Sempach, 9th July, 1386) 1863-02-14 Once a Week Poet 463
Pan Vinctus—Pan Victor 1863-03-07 Once a Week Poet 468
The Cuckoo 1863-03-28 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal Poet 6692
The Miller’s Meadow 1863-04-04 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal Poet 6693
Baucis and Philemon. (A Legend of an English Workhouse) 1863-05-23 Once a Week Poet 488
The Angel’s Visit 1863-06-01 The English Woman’s Journal Poet 1703
The Viking’s Serf 1863-07-04 Once a Week Poet 498
An Ancient Russian Legend 1863-07-11 Once a Week Poet 500
Clytè 1863-08-01 Once a Week Poet 505
All Alone! 1863-08-08 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal Poet 6711
Dionysius the Schoolmaster 1863-09-26 Once a Week Poet 518
How Thor went to Fish for the Serpent Midgard. A Legend from the Norse Mythology 1863-10-10 Once a Week Translator 522
The Witches’ Ride 1863-11-14 Once a Week Poet 531
John of Padua. (A Legend of Longleat) 1864-01-09 Once a Week Poet 551
The Labours of Thor. Being a Norse Legend from the Prose Edda 1864-02-13 All the Year Round Poet 3157
The Mermaid. (An Old Galloway Ballad Re-Written) 1864-03-05 Once a Week Poet 564
The Battle Painter 1864-03-19 Once a Week Poet 570
The Vizier’s Parrot 1864-04-02 Once a Week Poet 573
The Madonna Della Seggiola 1864-04-30 Once a Week Poet 580
Guido’s Model 1864-05-07 All the Year Round Poet 3167
Bacchus and the Water-Thieves 1864-06-04 Once a Week Poet 592
The Carnival at Venice. (A. D. 1720) 1864-06-11 Once a Week Poet 594
Tintoret. (Scene, Venice: Time, The Plague Year) 1864-07-16 Once a Week Poet 635
The Private Burying-Place 1864-08-13 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal Poet 7127
Autumn Time 1864-09-10 Once a Week Poet 692
The Legend of Saint Vitus 1864-10-01 Once a Week Poet 697
Lost Syrinx (B.C. 100) 1864-10-08 Once a Week Poet 699
Under the Cliffs 1864-10-15 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal Poet 7136
The Cumæan Sibyl 1864-11-19 Once a Week Poet 708
Shooting for the Silver Cup 1864-11-26 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal Poet 7142
The Gamekeeper 1864-12-10 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal Poet 7144
“Over the Stones” 1864-12-31 Once a Week Poet 722
The Old Cathedral Organist 1865-01-28 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal Poet 7151
The Year’s Twelve Children 1865-02-11 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal Poet 7153
A Lie 1865-02-18 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal Poet 7154
“Left His Home” 1865-03-11 All the Year Round Poet 3188
A Dorsetshire Legend 1865-03-11 Once a Week Poet 743
Empedocles; A Legend of Mount Ætna 1865-03-18 Once a Week Poet 744
The Cairn 1865-04-08 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal Poet 7161
The Bells of Avignon 1865-05-27 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal Poet 7168
The Skeleton 1865-07-15 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal Poet 7175
An Autumn Evening 1865-09-23 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal Poet 7185
The Combat à l’Outrance 1865-09-23 Once a Week Poet 964
“In the Clouds” 1865-12-02 Once a Week Poet 979
The Legend of the Lockharts 1865-12-16 Once a Week Poet 984
Christmas in the Workhouse 1866-01-20 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal Poet 7316
February. The Hunting Field 1866-02-03 Once a Week Poet 13403
Warlock Woods 1866-02-17 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal Poet 7320
The Dying Viking 1866-03-03 Once a Week Poet 13411
March 1866-03-03 Once a Week Poet 13412
Violets. (A Patch-Work Sonnet) 1866-03-10 Once a Week Poet 13413
Sea-View 1866-03-17 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal Poet 7324
Warlock Woods 1866-04-28 All the Year Round Poet 3213
Luther’s Gardener. [A.D. 1544] 1866-07-28 Once a Week Poet 13458
The Phantom Ships 1866-08-04 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal Poet 7343
The Philosopher of the Garden 1866-08-11 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal Poet 7344
The Madman of Corinth 1866-08-18 Once a Week Poet 13464
The Good People 1866-12-01 Once a Week Poet 13511
The Great Enchanter 1867-02-16 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal Poet 7369
The Fairy Prince 1867-02-23 Once a Week Poet 12118
A Hindoo Legend 1867-03-09 Once a Week Poet 12124
“Consule Planco” 1867-03-30 Once a Week Poet 12140
Summer Idleness 1867-05-04 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal Poet 7585
My Own Miniature 1867-06-22 Once a Week Poet 12166
Everlasting Flowers 1867-07-20 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal Poet 7596
The Child-Queen 1867-08-03 Once a Week Poet 13530
The Hidden Roses 1868-04-18 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal Poet 7634
Love’s Calendar 1868-12-05 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal Poet 7667
The Legend of the Prince’s Plume. A Story of the Battle of Crecy, from Froissart’s Chronicles 1869-05-22 All the Year Round Poet 3687
The Wreck Off Calais. Saturday, October 4, 1866 1869-06-05 All the Year Round Poet 3689
The Old World and the New 1869-06-12 All the Year Round Poet 3690
An Old Ballad Renewed 1869-07-31 All the Year Round Translator 3697
The Death of th’ Owd Squire 1869-09-18 All the Year Round Poet 3704
An Old Ballad Re-Written. Annan Water 1869-10-02 All the Year Round Poet 3706
Nature’s Five Lessons 1869-11-27 All the Year Round Poet 3712
The Grub-Street Poet’s Vision 1870-07-30 All the Year Round Poet 3828
German Hussar Songs 1871-02-04 All the Year Round Translator 3922
A Legend of the Red Sea 1875-01-16 All the Year Round Poet 4257
Riding to the Boyne 1875-01-30 Once a Week Poet 13645
A Sea Song of the Time of Henry the Sixth 1875-02-06 Once a Week Poet 13648
The Rose’s Promise 1875-02-13 Once a Week Poet 13650
“Time Brings Roses.” (German Proverb) 1875-03-06 Once a Week Poet 13730
”’Twas Never Merry World” 1875-03-13 Once a Week Poet 13731