Huxley, Thomas Henry (M)

b. 4 May 1825. d. 29 June 1895. Nationality: English. VIAF.
Biologist, columnist, science illustrator, poet, and professor. His career as a biologist took him around Africa and Australia to study sea creatures such as different types of jellyfish and sea nettles. Strong supporter of Charles Darwin’s *Origin of Species*. Married Henrietta (Nettie) Anne Heathorn on 21 July 1855. Elected to the Royal Society in 1851 where he served as the biological secretary (1872-1881) and president from (1883-1885). President of the Geological Society (1869-1871), the Ethnological Society from (1868-1871), the British Association for the Advancement of Science in 1870, and the Marine Biological Association (1884-1890). Lord Rector of University of Aberdeen (1872-1874). Appointed the Dean of the Normal School of Science in 1881. Biographical information: *ODNB*. (CC)

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Westminster Abbey (October 12, 1892) 1892-11 The Nineteenth Century Poet 8428