Alexander, Anton (pseudonym Anastasius Grün), Count (M)

b. 11 April 1806. d. 12 September 1876. Nationality: Austrian. VIAF.
Poet, politician, translator, and satirical writer. Pseudonym “Anastasius Grün.” Studied law at Graz and Vienna universities. Political activity included being a member of the Reichsrat (1860), a member of the House of Lords (1861), and president of the Reichsrat delegation in (1868). Author of *Der Letzte Ritter* (1830) and *Spaziergänge eines Wiener Poeten* (1831), and *Nibelungen im Frack* (1842). Translations included a volume of Slovenian folk-poetry entitled *Volkslieder aus Krain* (1850) and the English ballad *Robin Hood* (1864). Biographical Information: *Oxford Reference*. (DD)

Poems associated with this person

Total poems: 3
Poem title Date Periodical Roles id #
The “Old Player.” Imitated from Anastasius Grün 1846-04 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine Poet 11053
Tidings. (From the German of Grün) 1863-06-13 Once a Week Poet 494
Breaking It Gently. (From the German of Grün) 1869-05-22 Once a Week Poet 13707