Hollins, Dorothy (F)

Poet. Pseudonym: “Theophila North.” Author of several volumes of poetry including *The Veiled Figure and Other Poems* (1895), *The Marriage of True Minds* (1900), *The Herbs of Medea: A Five-Pointed Leaf from the Tree Ygdrasil* (1904), *The Seven Wayfarers: A Tale for Children, Old and Young* (1907), and *The Quest: A Drama of Deliverance in Seven Scenes and a Vision* (1910). Co-author of *Utopian Papers: Being Addresses to “The Utopians”* (1908) with Sir Patrick Geddes. Biographical information: *At the Circulating Library*, *Database of Canada’s Early Women Writers*. (CC)

Poems associated with this person

Total poems: 5
Poem title Date Periodical Roles id #
The Shepherd 1888-12 Woman’s World Poet 659
“Hope.” On G. F. Watts’s Picture 1890 Woman’s World Poet 1043
Sonnet. To * * * 1890 Woman’s World Poet 1052
“The Legend of the Briar-Rose.” Sonnet on the Pictures by Burne-Jones 1890 Woman’s World Poet 1069
Sonnet. To My Sister, With a Volume of Tennyson’s Songs 1890 Woman’s World Poet 1055