Jackson, Blomfield, Rev. (M)

Surname: Jackson
Forename(s): Blomfield
b. 2 March 1839. d. 1907. Nationality: English. VIAF.
Chaplain, teacher, and translator. Pseudonym: “B. J.” Taught at King’s College School, London, from 1865, and became Chaplain in 1886. Biographical information: Victorian Lives <http://www.kingscollections.org/victorianlives/j-l/jackson-blomfield>. (AC)

Poems associated with this person

Total poems: 12
Poem title Date Periodical Roles id #
From the French of Malherbe 1863-04-11 Once a Week Translator 475
Tidings. (From the German of Grün) 1863-06-13 Once a Week Translator 494
The Three Hunters. (From the German of Uhland) 1864-05-28 Once a Week Translator 589
Dame Eleanor’s Return 1864-08-13 Once a Week Poet 643
Childe Roland. (From the German of Uhland) 1864-10-15 Once a Week Translator 700
The Story of Damon and Pythias. (From the German of Schiller) 1865-02-18 Once a Week Translator 738
The Old King Dying 1865-04-15 Once a Week Poet 751
The Fall of Castle Gardoval 1865-07-15 Once a Week Poet 944
In Church on Christmas Day 1866-12-01 Once a Week Poet 13510
The Legend of Herod Agrippa 1867-01-05 Once a Week Poet 12075
The Three Maidens. (From the German of Uhland) 1867-04-13 Once a Week Translator 12144
The Maid and the Fisher. From the German of Chamisso 1867-10-26 Once a Week Translator 13563