Verhaeren, Emile (M)

b. 21 May 1855. d. 27 November 1916. Nationality: Belgian. VIAF.
Poet. Associated with the symbolist movement, decadence, and Expressionism. Author of *Les Flamandes* (1883), *Les Moines* (1886), *Les Soirs* (1887), *Les Débâcles* (1888), *Les Flambeaux Noirs* (1890), *Les Campagnes Hallucinées* (1893), *Les Villes Tentaculaires* (1895), and *Les Forces Tumultueuses* (1902). Biographical Information: *Oxford Reference*. (DD)

Poems associated with this person

Total poems: 3
Poem title Date Periodical Roles id #
Rain. From the French of Emile Verhaeren 1896-01 The Yellow Book Poet 995
The Fishermen. From the French of Emile Verhaeren 1896-04 The Yellow Book Poet 1002
I.—The Wind (From the French of Emile Verhaeren) 1896-10 The Yellow Book Poet 1014