Illegible Illustrator

This is a placeholder person record for illustrators whose signatures and monograms are illegible.

Poems associated with this person

Total poems: 9
Poem title Date Periodical Roles id #
The First 1838 The Keepsake Illustrator 4452
The Dying Heroes, From Uhland 1861-01-12 Once a Week Illustrator 425
Janet. A North Country Idyll 1870-07-16 Once a Week Illustrator 13605
The Stock-Rider’s Grave 1888 Good Words Illustrator 5518
Woods of Warwick 1889-10 Atalanta Illustrator 1946
The Life-Lamp 1893-05 Atalanta Illustrator 2264
Keats 1899-01 Atalanta Illustrator 15935
A Night-Moth. (Vivelai Nouveau) 1899-06 Atalanta Illustrator 15958
“Morning.” (Spenserian Sonnet) 1899-09 Atalanta Illustrator 15975