Toynbee, William (M)

b. 1849. Nationality: English. VIAF.
Poet, editor, and translator. Studied at the Inner Temple and was called to the bar in 1881. Worked as a equity draftsman and conveyancer. Became director of the Land & House Property Corporation Ltd in 1904 and director of the Neuchatel Asphalt Co. Ltd in 1906. Author of several volumes of poetry including *Song-words* (1888), *Lays of Common Life* (1890), *An Oaten Flute and Other Versicles* (1897), *Rhymes of City and Countryside, and Other Verse* (1907), and *Glimpses of the Twenties* (1909). Translator of *Songs of Béranger* (1892). Edited *The Diaries of William Charles Macready, 1833-1851* (1912). Biographical information: *World Cat* <> (4 July 2021); Reilly, *Late Victorian Poetry*, p. 477. (CC)

Poems associated with this person

Poem title Date Periodical Roles id #
The Last Flight 1888-11 The Cornhill Magazine Poet 12329
On Ahead! 1889-05 The Cornhill Magazine Poet 12410
Nobody Cares! 1891-02 The Cornhill Magazine Poet 12298
“Beside the Dying Ember” 1892-01 Victorian Magazine Poet 1519