Freeland, William (M)

b. 1828. d. 1903. Nationality: Scottish. VIAF.
Poet, novelist, editor, and journalist. Working-class origins. Moved to Glasgow and became sub-editor of the *Weekly Citizen* (from 1858), then joined the staff of the *Glasgow Herald* (in 1866). Wrote leaders for the *Glasgow Evening Times*. Close friends with poet David Gray. Publications include *A Birth Song and Other Poems* (1882), *Songs for the Bairns* (1884), *Ballads and Other Poems* (1904). Biographical information: *Modern Scottish Poets*, edited by D. H. Edwards , 5th series, D. H. Edwards, 1883, pp. 17-21.

Poems associated with this person

Total poems: 7
Poem title Date Periodical Roles id #
Dawn 1865 Good Words Poet 1742
The Cabin-Boy 1867-06-01 Good Words Poet 1866
Birth-Song 1873 Good Words Poet 2422
Launching the Life-Boat 1874 Good Words Poet 2485
Lily 1881 Good Words Poet 3893
The Eaglet and the Child 1882 Good Words Poet 3944
Three Sonnets 1885 Good Words Poet 4357