Burke, Christian Caroline Anna (F)

b. 18 September 1859. d. 1944. Nationality: English. VIAF.
Novelist, poet, and religious author. Alternative signature: “Christian Burke.” Born in London. Author of *The Flowering of the Almond Tree and Other Poems* (1896). Reilly and *Hymnary* give her birth date as 1859, but VIAF lists it as 1857. Biographical information: Reilly, *Late Victorian Poetry*, p. 77; *Hymnary*. (AC)

Poems associated with this person

Total poems: 17
Poem title Date Periodical Roles id #
The Child in the Midst. (Founded on an old Legend) 1888-05 Atalanta Poet 1774
From the Heart of the Country 1889-08 Atalanta Poet 1938
The Crown of the Year 1892-09 Atalanta Poet 2212
The Flying Years 1892-12 Atalanta Poet 2245
Where the Rainbows Rest 1893-08 Atalanta Poet 2271
An Orchard Parable 1894-03 Atalanta Poet 2294
The Tomb of King John in Worcester Cathedral 1894-12 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine Poet 8149
When We Awake 1895-05 Atalanta Poet 2338
“The Garden That I Love” 1895-08 Atalanta Poet 2348
“When the Almond-tree shall Flourish” 1895-11 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine Poet 8103
From Generation to Generation 1895-12 Atalanta Poet 2354
Clover 1896-04 Atalanta Poet 2365
From Far Away 1896-07 Atalanta Poet 2375
A Masquerader 1899-05 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine Poet 7940
A Prisoner of Hope 1900 Good Words Poet 15017
The Faithful City 1900-06 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine Poet 7813
The Passing of Summer 1900-09 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine Poet 7804