Foster, Will (M)

b. 1864. d. 1955. Nationality: English.
Yorkshire poet, playwright, and novelist. Pseudonym: “W. D. F.” *Chambers’s Journal* ledger entries for Foster’s poems “To a Cherry Blossom” and “Perfection,” published on 24 July 1886 and 23 November 1889, list his address as Park House, Selby (NLS Dep 341/369, 370). Author of several volumes of poetry including *The Fallen City, and Other Poems* (1892), *The Legend of Lohengrin, and Other Poems* (1894). Additional biographical information: Reilly, *Late Victorian Poetry*, p. 171; “Will Foster Archive,” University of Leeds Library <> (22 April 2020). (AC)

Poems associated with this person

Total poems: 11
Poem title Date Periodical Roles id #
To a Cherry Blossom 1886-07-24 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal Poet 12990
Autumn Storm 1889 Good Words Poet 5559
Perfection 1889-11-23 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal Poet 13111
A Song of Liberty 1890 Good Words Poet 4034
After Spring 1890 Good Words Poet 4082
Elves 1891-10 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine Poet 8265
Imps 1891-10 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine Poet 8266
November 1893-11 The Cornhill Magazine Poet 12021
Spring Lyric 1894-04 Atalanta Poet 2298
The Flower-War of the Fairies 1894-06 Atalanta Poet 2306
After Summer 1894-10 The Cornhill Magazine Poet 12024