Young, Ruth (F)

b. 1873. Nationality: English.
Poet. Alternative signature: “A. Ruth Young.” Educated at Oxford High School. Learned typewriting and shorthand at the Ladies Shorthand Association. Employed as the private secretary at the British Women’s Emigration Association. Co-founder of the Shorthand Writers and Typists Association (1902) and eventually became the honorary secretary. Author of several volumes of poetry including *Verses* (1904), *The Philanthropists, and Other Poems* (1909), and *The Water Carrier of Venice* (1911). Biographical information: BL; F. W. Pethick Lawrence and Joseph Edwards, editors, *The Reformer’s Year Book*, second edition, 1906, p. 155. (CC)

Poems associated with this person

Total poems: 9
Poem title Date Periodical Roles id #
Villanelle 1896-10 Atalanta Poet 2384
Sestina of Sleep 1896-11 Atalanta Poet 2386
Triolets 1897-01 Atalanta Poet 2394
Pantoum 1897-08 Atalanta Poet 2416
Glose 1899-01 Atalanta Poet 15933
“Elaine” 1899-02 Atalanta Poet 15937
The Answer. (Kyvielle) 1899-05 Atalanta Poet 15949
To a China Cup. Shelved. (Vivelai Nouveau) 1899-05 Atalanta Poet 15947
The Choice. (Rispetto) 1899-08 Atalanta Poet 15971