Aeschylus (M)

Surname: Aeschylus
Nationality: Greek. VIAF.
Ancient Greek poet and playwright, termed the father of tragedy. Born 525-524 BC in Eleusis, Greece. Died in 456 BC. Reformed plays by adding a second actor to dialogue, reducing the chorus, and adding scenery. Author of approximately 90 plays including the trilogy Oresteia, comprised of the three plays Agamemnon, The Choephori, and The Eumenides. Biographical information: Oxford Reference. (CC)

Poems associated with this person

Total poems: 3
Poem title Date Periodical Roles id #
Prometheus Bound. Translated from Æschylus 1836-12 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine Poet 11874
The Eumenides 1837-03 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine Poet 11883
The Eumenidies of Æschylus 1839-05 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine Poet 11560