Creating custom anthologies

This page enables you to create your own curated collections of poems in the DVPP collection. It is a very simple process. An anthology consists of a page title along with a sequence of poem ids. These components form part of a URL which you can access and circulate to other users; when the URL is accessed, the anthology is constructed on the fly in your browser. All the information necessary to construct the anthology lives in the URL.
A poem’s id is a numeric value which can be found in the metadata box on the poem page. It also appears in a column of any page which lists poems in a table.
Below, you will see three text boxes. In the first text box, you can type the title of your anthology. In the second, you should insert a sequence of poem ids in the order you would like to see them in the anthology, separated by spaces. As you edit the contents of these two text boxes, the URL in the third text box will be updated, as will the link below it. You can click on the link to see your anthology in a separate tab, or copy the link to the clipboard to send it to other users.
Anthology builder
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