Barstow, Charles H. (1856-) (M)

Surname: Barstow
Forename(s): Charles H.
b. 1856. Nationality: English.
Poet and novelist. Lived at Hooley Hill, Audenshaw, Lancashire. Author of Wildings from the Field of Song (1879). In the Preface to this volume, Barstow states he is twenty-three years old, which is the basis for his birthdate. This poet should not to be confused with Charles H. Barstow (-1908), the American poet. The Chambers’s Journal ledger entries for his poems list his address as 41 Nicholls St, Hyde Rd, Manchester (poem published 23 August 1884; NLS Dep 341/369), 72 Mornington St, Stockport Rd, Manchester (poem published 19 April 1890; NLS Dep 341/370), and 37 Milton St, Stockport Road, Manchester (poem published 27 June 1896; NLS Dep 341/371). Biographical information: Reilly, Mid-Victorian Poetry, p. 31; At the Circulating Library. (AC)

Poems associated with this person

Total poems: 4
Poem title Date Periodical Roles id #
On the Coast 1884-08-23 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal Poet 12836
Spring’s Advent 1886-03-20 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal Poet 12972
Sweetbrier Lane 1890-04-19 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal Poet 13137
Evening Mystery 1896-06-27 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal Poet 12764