Barton, Bernard (M)

Surname: Barton
Forename(s): Bernard
b. 31 January 1784. d. 19 February 1849. Nationality: English. VIAF.
Quaker poet, writer, and banker. Pseudonym: B. B. Married Lucy Jesup, his employer’s daughter, on 6 August 1807, and later entered a business partnership with her brother selling coal and corn. Frequent correspondent with literary figures such as Robert Southey and Charles Lamb. Biographical information: ODNB. (JH, SP)

Poems associated with this person

Total poems: 27
Poem title Date Periodical Roles id #
Sonnet to Charlotte M— 1822-12 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine Poet 9907
The Quaker Poet. Verses on seeing myself so designated 1822-12 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine Poet 9906
Silent Worship 1822-12 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine Poet 9905
Stanzas on a Sprig of Mignonette, Gathered in Winter 1824 Forget-Me-Not Poet 15907
Stanzas 1824 Forget-Me-Not Poet 15902
Lines, Written on the Print of the Late Honourable Mrs. Duff, engraved by Agar, from a Painting by Cosway 1824 Forget-Me-Not Poet 15903
Bishop Hubert 1824 Forget-Me-Not Poet 15904
On the Portrait of a Lady, by Sir Thomas Lawrence 1824 Forget-Me-Not Poet 15901
A Poet’s Study 1824 Forget-Me-Not Poet 15900
The Heart’s Motto, “Forget me not” 1824 Forget-Me-Not Poet 15897
To the Sun-Dial; A Midnight Reverie 1825 Forget-Me-Not Poet 15066
To the Flower “Forget Me Not” 1825 Forget-Me-Not Poet 15095
To the Sky-lark 1825 Forget-Me-Not Poet 15070
To Contemplation. Illustrative of a Subject After Westall 1826 Forget-Me-Not Poet 13943
To the Passion-Flower 1826 Forget-Me-Not Poet 13927
A Child’s Dream 1826 Forget-Me-Not Poet 13915
The Cottage Door 1826 Forget-Me-Not Poet 13929
Princess Elizabeth at Woodstock 1827 Forget-Me-Not Poet 15670
Human Life 1827 Forget-Me-Not Poet 15646
Counsels 1828 Forget-Me-Not Poet 13995
Venice 1828 Forget-Me-Not Poet 14004
Time’s Takings and Leavings 1829 Forget-Me-Not Poet 15558
To Leisure 1830 Forget-Me-Not Poet 15049
Human Life 1833-12-21 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal Poet 3136
Night 1834-06-14 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal Poet 3243
Power and Gentleness, or The Cataract and the Streamlet 1839-08-03 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal Poet 3737
The Bible 1841-10-16 The Chartist Circular Poet 123