Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine (Maga) 1869

A monthly periodical (April 1817 – 1980), founded as a Tory rival to the Whiggish Edinburgh Review, published from October 1817 by Blackwood’s publishing house. DVPP indexes poems until the end of 1901.

Poems appearing in this periodical


Total poems: 3
Poem title Poet(s) Date Vol etc. Transcribed? id #
O Why Should a Woman Not Get a Degree? On Female Graduation and Ladies’ Lectures Neaves, Charles 1869-02 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine Volume 105, Issue 640, Page 226–227 no 10456
How Lisa Loved the King Evans, Marian (pseudonym George Eliot) 1869-05 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine Volume 105, Issue 643, Page 513–528 no 10457
The Old Monk in the Belfry Kent, Charles 1869-10 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine Volume 106, Issue 648, Page 409–411 no 10481