Dobell, Sydney (M)

Surname: Dobell
Forename(s): Sydney Thompson
b. 5 April 1824. d. 22 August 1874. Nationality: English. VIAF.
Spasmodic poet and literary scholar. Pseudonym: Sydney Yendys. Born in Cranbrook, Kent. Married Emily Fordham on 18 July 1844. Moved to Edinburgh in 1854 and became friends with Alexander Smith, with whom he co-authored Sonnets on the War (1855). Travelled around France, Spain, and Italy from 1862-1866 on account of his ailing health. Author of The Roman (1850), Balder (1853), England in Time of War (1856). Biographical information: ODNB. (CC)

Poems associated with this person

Total poems: 9
Poem title Date Periodical Roles id #
Good-Night 1855-02-03 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal Poet 14286
The Youth of England to Garibaldi’s Legion 1860-10 Macmillan’s Magazine Poet 14018
II.—To Tochterchen, on Her Birthday 1861-12 Macmillan’s Magazine Poet 14270
I.—To Mrs. J. S. B. 1861-12 Macmillan’s Magazine Poet 14269
John Bohun Martin, Captain of “The London” 1866-03 The Argosy Poet 16135
Under Especial Blessings. A Sonnet 1870-05-01 Good Words Poet 2020
I.—To a Promessa Sposa 1871 Good Words Poet 2129
II.—To the Same 1871 Good Words Poet 12421
III.—To a Fair Woman, Unsatisfied with Woman’s Work 1871 Good Words Poet 12422