Fearn, Joseph (M)

Surname: Fearn
Forename(s): Joseph
b. 1 June 1816. d. 2 January 1888. Nationality: English.
Poet and novelist. Born in London. Worked as a senior clerk in the Phoenix Fire Office. Married twice, Frances Barker in 1841 and Emma Rowton in 1849. Author of Belief and Unbelief: A Tale for the Sceptical (1840) and Schism and Repentance: A Subject in Season (1844). Biographical information: At the Circulating Library. (CC)

Poems associated with this person

Total poems: 1
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Lines suggested by reading stanzas by Miss Camilla Toulmin, in Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal, entitled “What Dost Thou Whisper, Murmuring Shell?” October 21, 1843 1843-12-23 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal Poet 5397