Hallevi, Jehudah (M)

Surname: Hallevi
Forename(s): Jehudah
Nationality: Spanish. VIAF.
Jewish poet and philosopher. Name variant: Judah Ha-Levi. Dates: c.1075–1140. Born in Tudela, Spain. Worked as a physician. Married. Composed secular and religious poetry in Hebrew and philosophical works in Arabic. Travelled through Egypt to Palestine. Author of Kuzari or Book of Proof in Favour of the Despised Religion. Biographical information: Oxford Reference; Jewish Encyclopediahttps://www.jewishencyclopedia.com/articles/9005-judah-ha-levi (10 September 2021). (CC)

Poems associated with this person

Total poems: 1
Poem title Date Periodical Roles id #
A Riddle by Jehudah Hallevi 1893-03 The Nineteenth Century Poet 8455