Jones, Eustace Hinton (M)

Surname: Jones
Forename(s): Eustace Hinton
b. 1839. d. 2 March 1881. Nationality: English.
Poet and coach maker. From Southampton. Son of William Jones, who owned a successful business manufacturing coaches, and who made Eustace partner by 1863. On his father’s death Eustace owned the firm, but in 1866 sold it to focus on a literary career. Author of Adams’s Guide to Netley Abbey (1865) and The Romance of Sir Bevis of Hamtoun (1870). Collaborated with George William Cox on Popular Romances of the Middle Ages (1871), Tales of Teutonic Lands (1872), and The Crisis of Osiris, or, the Cross of Life (1878). Published periodical contributions in prose and poetry, including for Good Words and Tom Hardy’s Annual. Married Emma Harding Collins on 29 March 1863. Author information from the Chambers’s Journal ledger entry for To My Two-Wheeled Steed, published on 4 June 1870, which lists the author as Eust[ace] Jones (NLS Dep 341/310). The ledger entry for the prose contribution The Lady in Black, also authored by Jones and published in the same issue, gives his address as Springfield Villa, Freemantle, Southampton. Biographical information: Sotonopedia (1 February 2023); Eustace Hinton Jones (1839-1881), Ancestry. (AC)

Poems associated with this person

Total poems: 1
Poem title Date Periodical Roles id #
To My Two-Wheeled Steed 1870-06-04 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal Poet 7255