Moresby, Jane (F)

Surname: Moresby
Forename(s): Jane
b. 1838. d. 1876. Nationality: Irish. VIAF.
Poet. Pseudonym: J. M. Née Scott; married John Moresby (who had a position in the navy) in 1859. Author of Poems (1877), which contains a memoir by her husband stating that she had “a large young family,” which prevented her from writing poetry in later life, and that she was buried in Queenstown churchyard (v-vi). The Chambers’s Journal ledger entry for her poem published on 10 January 1863 gives her address as Hill House, Queenstown [County Cork] (NLS Dep 341/310). For her poem published on 18 July 1868, the ledger lists her address as The Glen, Queenstown, Ireland (NLS Dep 341/310). Biographical information: Reilly, Mid-Victorian Poetry, p. 322; VIAF. (AC)

Poems associated with this person

Total poems: 10
Poem title Date Periodical Roles id #
Milo 1862-04 Macmillan’s Magazine Poet 14276
St Alban (Proto-Martyr) 1863-01-10 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal Poet 6680
Assuerus 1863-09 Macmillan’s Magazine Poet 13913
A Wish 1864-01-02 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal Poet 6836
Corn-Flowers 1866-04-21 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal Poet 7328
To My Friend 1868-07-18 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal Poet 7647
Yesterday and To-Day 1868-11-01 Good Words Poet 1920
Last Words 1868-12-26 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal Poet 7670
“Little May” 1869-03-01 Good Words Poet 2003
James Graham Goodenough: Commodore 1875-12 Macmillan’s Magazine Poet 14547