The Dull November Day

Figure descriptions
Rectangular headpiece. At the center, a baby is trapped in a bird cage. The baby clutches the bars with his hands and feet. Two trees grow at the left and the right of the cage. Their branches extend upward and outward, forming a dense leafy canopy. At the left side of the illustration, two large cockatoos perch on a branch adjacent to the cage and look toward the baby. Small birds perch on branches further away from the baby; one bird looks at the baby and the other spreads its wings and looks to the sky. On the ground, four birds stand, flap their wings, and spread their plumage. On the ground, further away from the baby, one squirrel feeds a nut to another squirrel. The birds and animals are almost mirrored on the right side of the caged baby. The only major difference is that the cockatoos are replaced by parrots. All the illustrative content in this scene is set against a dark background decorated with small light dots. 1/4 page.