The Stolen Leaves

Figure descriptions
A woman dressed in dark clothing walks down a path. She looks directly at the viewer. The woman wears a cocked and feathered hat, an ankle-length dress, and a long collared cape. Her scarf blows in the wind. There are two bare saplings and a small bush at the side of the path. Light reflects off the surface of a body of water in the background. The illustrated scene is dimly lit. It is contained within a thick, lightly shaded border decorated with enlarged falling leaves. Most of the leaves cluster around the left edge of the border, which is thicker than the other three edges. The poem caption appears at the center of the top edge of the border in hand-drawn lettering. The caption is preceded and followed by two middle dots. Both the illustrated scene and the decorative border are contained within their own single-ruled borders. 1/2 page.