A boy lying on his stomach and looking out of a window with his chin resting on his closed fists. His shoes are placed next to the seat that he is lying on. 1/2 page.

Fairy Jewels.

O white moon, sailing down the sky,1
I watch you when in bed I lie ;2
I watch you on the calm blue deep,3
And dream of you when fast asleep.4
I fancy as I see you float5
That you are some good fairy’s boat,6
And winds that round my window blow7
Are the same winds which make you go.8
Each star that shines for me so bright9
For you is just a beacon-light.10
I half believe that it is you11
Who bring each day the morning dew ;12
Each drop is so much like a gem,13
I think the fairy gathers them,14
And leaning over as you pass15
Lets millions fall upon the grass.16