The Dead Bride’s Doll.

  “ Brides were wont in old Rome to offer their
dolls to Venus on their wedding day. Crepereia’s
was buried with her.”
—Atalanta Summer
Number, 1890. Page 586.
Not unto Venus might she offer up1
Her carven doll, the cherished childish toy ;2
Death laid his cypress-branch across the cup3
With roses decked, and spilled the draught of joy.4
Maiden they crowned her with the myrtle wreath,5
Maiden they clasped her finger with the ring6
That joined her to the grim, grey bridegroom, Death,7
Maiden they bore her to her burying.8
Not upon Venus’ altar did they lay9
Her carven, cypress doll, but near the heart10
From which the glad young life had ebbed away ;11
The toy had grown too sacred in their eyes12
Even for Venus. Death had claimed the prize !13