A Ring of Gyges.

Facsimile of Katharine Tynan’s signature. 1/32 page.
Because that Fate was kind to me,1
I was afraid of my kind fate ;2
And flung my ring in the blue sea,3
Where now I stand and wait.4
And storm and shine flit by apace5
Over my jewel’s resting-place.6
The appeased gods dwell unansweringly ;7
It comes not back to me.8
Now, am I blest, or am I curst ?9
More sad or glad than the fabled king ?10
Sometimes I think Fate’s best or worst11
Were naught against my ring.12
My ring, my ring, that held alway13
Its illumined heart by night and day !14
Without it I am old and cold,15
In ermine and in gold.16