I thought but on the bridal song1
Not on thy death-dirge sad and long2
I thought but on thy bridal sheet3
Not o’er thy shroud to wail and weep4
Thy cottage on the streamlet’s bank5
Is now the cold grave deep and dank ;6
And thy poor maiden comes to moan,7
And sob o’er thy sepulchre stone.8


‛ The warmest heart—the brightest eye9
Is earliest doomed to love and die,10
The sweetest, gentlest, and the best,11
Seek earliest out the land of rest.12
The noblest mind, the bravest spirit,13
Is briefly doomed earth to inherit14
This world holds nought that’s worth the
Of woman’s love, since thou wert dust.16


‛ Thou comest with the coming light17
Thou goest not with the darksome night18
True as the leaf is to the tree19
And the lily bloom to Blackwood-lea,20
True as our shadows were to the stream,21
As we courting sat in the sweet moonbeam ;22
So is thy form to me, and never23
Shall life or death us sunder and sever.’24