Hint From the Mountains

For Certain Political Aspirants.

Stranger, ’tis a sight of pleasure1
When the wings of genius rise2
Their ability to measure3
With great enterprise ;4
But in man was ne’er such daring5
As yon Hawk exhibits, pairing6
His brave spirit with the war in7
The stormy skies !8
Mark him, how his power he uses,9
Lays it by, at will resumes !10
Mark, are for his haunt he chooses11
Clouds and utter glooms !12
There, he wheels in downward mazes ;13
Sunward now his flight he raises,14
Catches fire, as seems, and blazes15
With uninjured plumes !—16


Traveller, ’tis no act of courage17
Which aloft thou dost discern ;18
No bold bird gone forth to forage19
Mid the tempest stern ;20
But such mockery as the Nations21
See, when Commonwealth-vexations22
Lift men from their native stations,23
Like yon tuft of fern;24
Such it is, and not a Haggard25
Soaring on undaunted wing ;26
’Tis by nature dull and laggard,27
A poor helpless Thing,28
Dry, and withered, light and yellow ;—29
That to be the tempest’s fellow !30
Wait—and you shall see how hollow31
Its endeavouring !32