The Vision of Zechariah.

With smiling cheek, and eyes of cloudless light,1
His garments glowing ’mid the shades of night2
The angel of the Lord before me stood,3
When lo ! a vision burst on solitude ;4
And things, surpassing Nature’s earthly law,5
Beneath his guardian eye, secure, I saw.6
With low and melancholy sigh, the breeze7
Just kissed, in passing by, the myrtle trees,8
Between their sombre boughs, a rider rear’d9
His stately head, and straight a steed appear’d ;10
Blood-red its colour, like the clouds that stand11
O’er morning’s car, portending storms at hand,12
And horses throng’d behind, a varied sight,13
The roan, the bay, the speckled, and the white.14
Deep admiration struck me, and I stood,15
Gazing perplex’d, in reverential mood,16
When thus the angel,— “ These are they that go17
“ ’Mong men and nations, journeying to and fro.”18
Then answered they submiss,— “ From east to west19
Our steps have roam’d, and all the world hath rest ;20
O’er every region, where the shining day21
Sheds forth a powerful glow, or feeble ray,22
Our long, long course hath been : contentions cease,23
Air sitteth still, and earth is hush’d to peace.”24