The Battle of Algiers.


Come, join me, British landsmen, dragoons and grenadiers,1
While I sing the tars of England, and the battle of Algiers.2
I have seen your sabres flashing, and heard the din of blows ;3
I have mark’d the edge of bayonets that swept away your foes ;4
But here the sword was idle, asleep the cutlass lay,5
The mighty cannon roar’d alone, and sailors won the day.6


’Twas in the morning early, the north wind bore us down,7
And spread the British crescent’s arms around the Moorish town,8
Then wav’d on every war-ship throughout the bending line,9
Before the face of infidels, the cross of Christ divine.10
Our van of floating batteries the noble Pellew led,11
And bravely dropp’d his anchor a~breast of the Mole-head.12


Now yield thee, prince of pirates, and terror of the sea,13
Give up thy plunder’d treasures, and set the captives free.14
The sulphur-cloud of vengeance is gathering on the tide,15
And the bolt of injured nations will blast thee in thy pride.16


The city rose above us as white as mountain snow,17
And grim the rampart-girdle hung o’er the wave below ;18
Beneath the yawning embrasures for action clear’d we lay,19
And thrice five hundred cannon were pointed at the bay.20


The summer sun was westering as the work of death begun ;21
It sunk in cloud and darkness before the fray was done.22
Then ye heard the crash of bulwarks that tumbled from their height,23
And saw the rockets streaming red athwart the vault of night,24
And blazing barks dismasted came wildly drifting nigh,25
And, midst the pause of thunder, ye heard the heathen cry.26


Now hold thee, gallant admiral, I bow to God’s decree ;27
I yield the virgin city, the empress of the sea ;28
Renounce my plundered treasures, and set the captive free.” 29
Now shout, my lads,” quoth brave Pellew, “ now shout for victory.”30