Composed After Reading the Abbot.

He lukit again, and the scene was new.
A spirit hath been here—the dry bones live1
A magic halo round these towers is spread ;2
Each tree uprears a green and branching head ;3
And bells to the evening wind their curfew give4
Lovely, in Recollection’s gifted eye,5
Sits Mary—while, around, her faithful train,6
To cheer her prisoned solitude, in vain7
Many an artifice unwearied try.8
’Tis night—the postern gates are locked, and lo! 9
A crowded small boat stretches for the shore10
The warder, turning to the flood below,11
Listens, and starts to hear the plashing oar12
The gun rebounds—and by its flash is seen,13
Upon the midnight lake, the escaping Queen !14