Long summers have smil’d, and long winters have frown’d1
Since last, in this time-hallowed bower,2
With eglantine wreath’d, and with jessamine crown’d, 3
We sigh’d through the soft twilight hour ;4
And many a pleasure hath lured me in vain,5
And many a sorrow hath past,6
Since the eve that, long lingering in anguish and pain,7
From thee, love, I parted the last !8
Though the billows of danger my course have delay’d,9
When the wind rav’d along the dark sea,10
Through the lands of the stranger my footsteps have stray’d,11
But my visions were ever with thee.12
And now, ’mid the scenes of our youth we have met,13
In the bower where before we did part,14
And I feel that the Star of my being shall set,15
With thine, oh beloved of my heart !16