The Regatta.


Ho ! hearty Steeple-chasers, 1
Ho ! gallants of the Turf ; 2
Come, see our Ocean-racers, 3
Our leapers of the surf !— 4
See the foil’d waves split and blazing, 5
Round our bows untired and free, 6
Leave your wearied steeds a-grazing, 7
And come with us to Sea.8


Ho ! Sporters of the Fancy, 9
Leave—leave your bloody cheer, 10
Your ring’s compass unchancy, 11
For that we’re boxing here :12
Our Sea-champion, you’ll find her 13
Crossbuttocking the wave ; 14
The wave will rise behind her, 15
Nor feel the fall she gave.16


Blythe Brethren of the Angle, 17
Leave trouting-pools, and come18
Where shoals, like rainbows, spangle19
The whale’s and craken’s home. 20
Leave silken tackle tender, 21
And rushlike rod, so fine,— 22
Come feel a shoulder-bender, 23
Tug at a ten-hook line !24


Leave, Bucks, your dainty dresses, 25
Uncurl your hair again ; 26
Or bring your woman’s tresses27
Our spray will make you men ! 28
Come—leave that trick of toilet, 29
The glove, upon the strand, 30
Our tarr’d tackle would soil it31
Come—men in heart and hand !32


Leave, Scholar, in thy study, 33
The Ithacan to sail, 34
The type-storm ne’er will ruddy, 35
Like our breeze, thy cheek so pale. 36
Leave—Doctors of Divinity, 37
Leave—Doctors of the Law38
The land a day in unity39
Split seas instead of straws !40


But whether Scholars zealous, 41
Or Bucks, or Bloods, ye be, 42
Leave—all who are Good Fellows43
No jot of jollity ! 44
For wit, like wine-cups flowing, 45
And manly mirth and glee, 46
Set life at ten knots going47
Then come with us to Sea !48