Canadian Loyalty.

An Ode.

[ Written at Sunrise on the New Year’s Morning of 1850, at the head of Lake Ontario,
in Western Canada.]

As gleams the sunrise on the deep,1
And on yon cliffs where eagles sweep,2
And on the circling forests deep,3
This morn, which owns the New Year’s birth,—4
Is there no gratulating strain :5
To hail the advent of thy reign,6
Thou latest link of Time’s long chain7
Let down from heaven to this our earth ?8
Of Britain be that strain ;— for she,9
Stretching her empire o’er the sea,10
Exalts the lowly, and sets free11
From thraldom’s bonds the fettered slave ;12
For ever may her children share13
The smiles of her maternal care ;14
For ever may her vessels bear15
St. George’s standard o’er the wave !16
Droop not !  Although dark tempests may17
Obscure awhile the potent ray18
That to these o’er-sea realms brought day,19
And Treason walk secure the scene ;20
A second morning o’er the deep21
Shall call us jubilee to keep,22
And to old strains each heart shall leap23
“God save Britannia’s noble Queen !”24
God save Britannia’s noble Queen !” —25
Shout it aloud !  that strain hath been26
From east to west, in every scene,27
Heard by the nations, like a hymn28
Wafted along from clime to clime,29
To succour truth, to startle crime,”30
And, with an influence all sublime,31
To brighten what before was dim.32
Hark !  ’tis Britannia’s morning gun33
Heralding thee, thou glorious sun ;34
And, if it peal when daylight’s done35
Doth she not well that honour claim ?36
For wheresoe’er thy beams light earth,37
Thou seest her wisdom and her worth ;38
Glories that own to her their birth,39
And trophies of her deathless fame !40
From Zembla’s snows to India’s sun41
To her the faint, the feeble run,42
They who Oppression’s grasp would shun,43
Or Superstition’s horrors blind :44
There exiles find a country—there45
Monarchs and serfs alike repair,46
And, underneath her guardian care,47
A sure and safe asylum find !48
Then think not, demagogues !  on whom49
Strike these first rays which now illume50
Our land, that, with this year, in gloom51
Shall Britain’s power eclipsed be seen.52
No !  if she wills it, hearts are here53
That glory in her high career,54
That from her side will sunder ne’er,55
But proudly own one common Queen !56
Methinks there glows in Britain yet57
A feeling that would grieve to let58
Thee, sun !  upon her empire set,59
While shouts of rival nations rose :60
Our fathers were her sons, and we61
Are but her offspring o’er the sea ;62
Aye undivided let us be63
We scorn to link us with her foes !64
Methinks her subjects, side by side,65
Will long her burdens just divide,—66
Will long maintain, in matchless pride,67
Her flag, which aye hath honoured been :—68
And many a great deed yet be done,69
And many a glorious field be won,70
Ere of her empire set the sun.71
God save Britannia’s noble Queen,”72