Lady Fair.

Underneath the beech-tree sitting, 1
With that everlasting knitting, 2
And the soft sun-shadows flitting 3
Through your wavy hair ; 4
All my thoughts and plans confusing,5
All my resolution loosing, 6
Say, what matter’s in your musing, 7
Lady fair !8
Oh, the charm that in your face is! 9
All the loves and all the graces! 10
To be clasped in your embraces 11
Monarch’s guerdon were: 12
Not a man, I ween, who sees you, 13
But would give his life to please you, 14
Yet you say—that lovers tease you! 15
Lady fair !16
One by one, to their undoing, 17
Fools in plenty come a-wooing, 18
Baffled still, but still pursuing, 19
Tangled in the snare : 20
In your ever-changing smile hid, 21
Or beneath your sleepy eyelid, 22
Many a heart it hath beguilèd, 23
Lady fair !24
While the summer breezes fan her25
Gently with their leafy banner,26
Venus’ form and Dian’s manner,27
Doth my goddess wear :28
Lives the man who can discover29
Any secret spell to move her30
To the wish of mortal lover,31
Cold as fair ?32
But to see those dark eyes brighten, 33
And for me with kindness lighten, 34
While the cheek’s rich colours heighten, 35
What would I not dare ? 36
To improve their scornful splendour37
With the love-light soft and tender, 38
Bow the proud heart to surrender, 39
Lady fair !40
By the loves that thou hast broken, 41
By the words that I have spoken, 42
By the passion they betoken, 43
I have loved, I swear, 44
Only thee since I have seen thee ; 45
And, if woman’s heart be in thee, 46
I will die, but I will win thee, 47
Lady fair !48