(She sings.)
Flower of the Bean,1
Oh the joys we have known, oh the days we have seen !2
When Love sang, the world was so glad and so green,3
O flower of the Bean !4
Flower of the Brake,5
Life had but one blossom ; and oh, for your sake6
I plucked it, and gave it ! now let my heart break,7
O flower of the brake !8
Flower of the Rose,9
The rain ever rains, and the wind ever blows,10
And life since you left me has nothing but woes,11
O flower of the Rose !12
Flower of the Gorse,13
All the love that I gave you comes back like a curse ;14
No peace will be mine till I’m laid in my hearse,15
O flower of the Gorse !16