My Native Bay.

My native bay is calm and bright,1
As e’er it was of yore2
When, in the days of hope and love,3
I stood upon its shore ;4
The sky is glowing, soft, and blue,5
As once in youth it smiled,6
When summer seas and summer skies7
Were always bright and mild.8
The sky—how oft hath darkness dwelt,9
Since then, upon its breast ;10
The sea—how oft have tempests broke11
Its gentle dream of rest !12
So oft hath darker woe come o’er13
Calm self-enjoying thought ;14
And passion’s storms a wilder scene15
Within my bosom wrought.16
Now, after years of absence, pass’d17
In wretchedness and pain,18
I come and find those seas and skies19
All calm and bright again.20
The darkness and the storm from both21
Have trackless pass’d away ;22
And gentle as in youth, once more23
Thou seem’st, my native bay !24
Oh, that, like thee, when toil is o’er,25
And all my griefs are past,26
This ravaged bosom might subside27
To peace and joy at last !28
And while it lay all calm like thee,29
In pure unruffled sleep,30
Oh, might a heaven as bright as this31
Be mirror’d in its deep !32