My wreck of mind, and all my woes,1
And all my ills, that day arose,2
When on the fair Nezra’s eyes,3
Like stars that shine,4
At first, in hapless fond surprise,5
I gazed with mine.6
When my glance met her searching glance7
A shivering o’er my body burst,8
As light leaves in the green woods dance,9
When western breezes stir them first ;10
My heart forth from my breast to go,11
And mix with hers, already wanting,12
Now beat, now trembled to and fro,13
With eager fondness leaping, panting.14
Just as a boy, whose nourice woos him,15
Folding his young limbs in her bosom,16
Heeds not caresses from another,17
But turns his eyes still to his mother,18
When she may once regard him watches,19
And forth his little fond arms stretches ;20
Just as a bird within the nest21
That cannot fly, yet constant trying,22
Its weak wings on its tender breast23
Beats with the vain desire of flying.24
Thou, wary mind, thyself preparing25
To live at peace from all ensnaring,26
That thou might’st never mischief catch,27
Placed’st you, unhappy eyes, to watch28
With vigilance that knew no rest,29
Beside the gateways of the breast ;30
But you, induced by dalliance deep,31
Or guile, or overcome with sleep,32
Or else have, of your own accord,33
Consented to betray your lord ;34
Both heart and soul then fled and left35
Me spiritless, of mind bereft.36
Then cease to weep ; use is there none,37
To think by weeping to atone ;38
Since heart and spirit from me fled,39
You move not by the tears you shed ;40
But go to her, entreat, obtain :41
If you do not entreat and gain,42
Then will I ever make you gaze43
Upon her, till in dark amaze44
You sightless in your sockets roll,45
Extinguish’d by her eyes’ bright blaze,46
As I have been deprived of heart and soul.47