Youth and Summer.

Summer’s full of golden things !1
Youth it weareth angel’s wings !2
Youth and love go forth together,3
In the green-leaved summer weather,4
Fill’d with gladness!5
Summer, rich in joy it is,6
Like a poet’s dream of bliss ;7
Like unto some heavenly clime !8
For the earth in summer time9
Doth not wear a shade of sadness !10
Radiant youth ! thou art ever new ;11
Thine’s the light, the rose’s hue ;12
Flowers’ perfume, and winds that stir,13
Like a stringed dulcimer,14
All the forest !15
Joyous youth ! thou art fresh and fair,16
Wild as wildest bird of air ;17
Thou, amidst thy ringing laughter,18
Look’st not forward, look’st not after,19
Knowing well that joy is surest !20
Brighter than the brightest flowers ;21
Dancing down the golden hours ;22
Thus it is in every land,23
Youth and love go hand in hand,24
Link’d for ever!25
Youth, thou never dost decay !26
Summer, thou dost not grow grey !27
We may sleep with Death and Time,28
But sweet youth and summer’s prime29
From the green earth shall not sever !30