The Storms and Stars of March.

Harsh is the voice and loud the war1
Of storms in that ungenial time,2
When, leaving southern lands afar,3
The sun wakes up our northern clime.4
The long white surges of the deep5
Then break on every wailing shore,6
And, foaming down each rocky steep,7
The mountain torrents rage and roar.8
Like rapiers driven with vengeful thrust,9
On breast and brow the cold winds beat,10
And rushing hail, or troubled dust,11
Sweeps the rough road and echoing street :12
The groaning woods are bleak and bare,13
The violet slumbers yet unseen,14
And those wide fields and pastures wear15
No welcome tint of early green.16
But God, with alla Father’s love,17
When earth thus reft of beanty lies,18
Reveals, in blazing pomp above,19
The wonders of His radiant skies :20
Look thou on night’s refulgent arch,21
When that rude hour thy gladness mars,22
And thou shalt find, in raging March,23
The month at once of storms and stars.24
For lo ! the great Orion burns,25
Descending in the cloudless west,26
And red Arcturus now returns,27
Beaming at eve, a sacred guest.28
Far up, in circles broad and bright,29
The Bear and Lion move and shine,30
While Sirius lifts his orb of light,31
And fills our hearts with thoughts divine.32
Thus, ever thus, when storms arise,33
And all is dark and joyless here,34
He sets before our longing eyes35
The glories of that lofty sphere :36
When sorely tried we grieve alone,37
Or sink beneath oppression’s rod,38
He whispers from His starry throne,39
Look up, oh man ! and trust in God.’40