Bird Life.

Oh ! a lovely life is the life of a bird,1
The little winged lute of the summer air !2
Fleeing lightly away with the speed of thought3
From the gloomy haunts of fear and care :4
Yet bound still to earth by a bright golden thread,5
A love-linked chain from its own sweet nest,6
That guides it safe home from its wildest flight7
To the tiny nook of its dear one’s rest.8
It has soared from our sight: but a viewless harp9
Fills with its gladness the summer air,10
Awaking within our listening hearts11
The thousand echoes that slumber there.12
We may trace its path through the distant space,13
By the stream of song that marks its way,14
Like some radiant star in the midnight skies,15
Whose course we track by its golden ray.16
Oh ! a lovely life is the life of a bird !17
A life of gladness, and hope, and love.18
Ever viewless when singing its sweetest song,19
Sweetest when soaring the highest above.20
Bearing ever within, in its loving heart,21
The source whence its joyous lay is given ;22
Its life a beautiful hymn of praise,23
A music-path, bounded by home and heaven.24