True Chivalry.

No more in knightly tournament1
May lover proudly bear2
The silken scarf or emblem flower3
Bestowed by lady fair.4
No longer must the fatal lance5
Her spotless honour prove,6
Nor high hearts stilled the offering be7
Of chivalry to love.8
No more beyond the rolling deep9
Must truce love prove its faith,10
By bearing in its sacred name11
A talisman of death.12
No more must glory’s wreath be won13
Where death and danger meet,14
Nor sword incarnardined in gore15
Be laid at beauty’s feet.16
But in life’s bloodless battle-ficid17
To take a nobler stand,18
To strive for victory among19
The wisest of our land20
By prowess of the mind and heart21
To gain a loftier place22
Be these the guerdon of his truth23
Who seeks a lady’s grace.24
To self be not your gauntlets flung,25
Ye heroes of the list !26
Nor till your foe be quite o’erthrown27
The gallant strife desist.28
A field more dread and glorious29
Ne’er chivalry could meet,30
And smiles of spirit loveliness31
Your victory will greet.32