The Blooming of Violets.

Ay !  cast those gloomy thoughts aside,1
The genial spring is here :2
She comes with all her violets3
To bless another year.4
Lo, rising at her welcome voice,5
They steal in gladness out,6
And, wished for long, the light warm south7
Is harping all about.8
By garden walk and rustic fence,9
Fair bush and rude gray stone,10
They laugh among the leaves and grass,11
In starry clusters strewn.12
Retiring from the gaze of men,13
They lurk, a bashful race,14
But every breeze that wanders by,15
Reveals their hidingplace.16
While, heedless of their own sweet worth,17
They quaff the shining dew,18
Or catch, from God’s eternal arch,19
Its deep and stainless blue.20
Go, mark thou well the scents and dyes,21
To them so freely given,22
And own that weak and lowly things23
Are yet most loved of Heaven.24
Then drop this weary load of care,25
Be meekly glad as they,26
Nor fear to live on Earth unseen,27
To pass unseen away.28
Learn thou with joy to stand or fall,29
Where sacred duty leads,30
And prize, above renown or gold,31
Pure faith and holy deeds.32