Images of God.

Not, from the noble quarry,1
Nor from the wealthy mine,2
Shalt thou bring images of God3
To deck His house or shrine ?4
Carrara’s marble mountains5
Before His face are dim ;6
The purest gold that Sibir yields7
Recoils abashed at Him.8
Canova’s art and chisel9
Could faultless beauty give ;10
His glowing thought and magic touch11
Could make dead marble live ;12
For him lost Nymphs and Heroes13
Would from the rough block spring ;14
But weak were all Canova’s skill15
To frame the seraphs’ King.16
In stone of snowy whiteness,17
And precious ores of earth,18
Triumphant genius carves or moulds19
All shapes of human birth ;20
He calls up forms and features21
Which never yet have been,22
But vainly will he toil or think23
To show—the Great Unseen.24
If thou wouldst find His likeness,25
Search where the lowly dwell,26
The faithful few that keep His laws27
Not boastfully, but well ;28
Mark those who walk rejoicing29
The way which Jesus trod ;30
Thus only shalt thou see below31
Fit Images of God.32