The Palace Fountain.

The fountain with its silvery dance,1
And its merry rise and fall,2
Is trying to sprinkle the sun-gilt roof,3
And to top the garden-wall.4
Oh, up and down it goes all day,5
Pale in the broad sunlight6
A voice in the whispering hush of eve,7
A moonshine jet by night :8
This fountain with its silvery song,9
Whispers and babbles the whole night long.10
It casts to the winds its tossing froth,11
With a merry come and go ;12
It leaps, as gay as a gamboling child,13
Rambling where spring-flowers blow.14
In its broad-hewn marble basin,15
Its opal bubbles rise ;16
And here and there in the cold blue air,17
Its arching rainbow flies :18
This fountain with its silvery song,19
Whispers and prattles the whole night long.20