Hope On.

The ceaseless rain sweeps on1
Over the darkening sea ;2
The ceaseless wind is rushing by—3
What is all to me ?4
I sit alone in the house,5
Where, some short years ago,6
We each were bright, and happy, and young—7
And has all ended so ?8
There is nothing to care for now ;9
There is nothing to hope or fear ;10
There is only left of all the past11
The memory of those who were.12
Over the distant lands13
The graves rise here and there ;14
And I, sad sitting here alone,15
Can only fancy where.16
Oh, peace, rebellious heart !17
Heaven is bright above :18
There is thy home, there are thy hopes,19
And there are those you love !20
Is there nothing to care for now ?21
Sickness, and sorrow, and sin ;22
Are there not these to soothe or to stay ?23
Is there not Heaven to win ?24